How often have you learned a new skill, delved into a topic, or curled up with a book because you were forced to? How often have you set out to learn…
And shares what ChatGPT thinks about Unschooling
The Unschooling (Hero's) JourneyListen now (85 min) | with Pam Laricchia
Expanding our lens of what is considered normal development
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January 2023

The Making of Caster StudiosListen now | with Christina and Nick Caster
Why Supporting Children in their Self-Discovery will Help Us All
Understanding our ArchetypesListen now (99 min) | with Sheila Rumble
The Impact of AttachmentListen now (78 min) | with Ann Hansen

December 2022

Join the last Zoom gathering of 2022!
When an Idea Becomes a RealityListen now (68 min) | The Rainbow Room (a micro school) with Emily Gregoire
Insights on the book, Hold Onto Your Kids, Peer Orientation, & Our Children's Attachment Needs