Hello and welcome! I’m Missy. Mom to two, former teacher turned unschooling mom who skipped the conventional school model with my own kids. I’m a writer and the creator of the Let ‘em go Barefoot community and podcast.

Here is where I write longer form essays on psychology, child development, human behavior, and the Great Educational Awakening—a phrase I coined to explain the increased questioning of and exodus from government schooling.

I have co-written an e-book with a fellow unschooling mom and educator, Ann Hansen, about homeschooling called, Life Unschooled: A Guide to Living and Learning Without School that is available for purchase, here.

An old friend once called me a connector. At the time, I really didn’t think much about it. Later, I realized how deeply she saw me. I do love connecting people to one another, to ideas, and to information that can improve their quality of life in some way. That’s ultimately what Let ‘em go Barefoot is about: connection.

It’s also about curious inquiry. I ask a lot of questions about the status quo. It’s probably no surprise that I recoil from people or groups who try to control speech or force compliance. Opposing viewpoints are allowed here. I appreciate the opportunity to flesh out my own ideas, beliefs, and attitudes. So, if you don’t agree with something I’ve written, I welcome your respectful take.

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Welcome to the Great Educational Awakening! Here you will find stories, research, and insights on human behavior, psychology, child development, and learning outside the standard schooling model.


Former teacher turned unschooling Mom of 2. Writer and curator of research and insights on the Future of Education. Are you part of the Great Educational Awakening?