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Connection is at the heart of Let ‘em go Barefoot. Connecting people to one another, to ideas, and to information based on science and ancient wisdom is vital to our journey as parents and educators.

It has been said that the state of our relationships determines the state of our well-being. I believe this also means the relationship we have with ourselves. When we take the time for introspection and really get to know what makes us tick, we are not only able to get clear on our values, but are better able to live out our values while supporting and guiding our children along the way.

I believe solid relationships can only be built on solid foundations. This is why I ask a lot of questions, even on topics that are supposedly “off the table” because to me, curious inquiry is at the heart of moving forward with conscious awareness. If we can not talk about things, we can not grow and learn. It’s that simple. Opposing viewpoints allow us to flesh out ideas, beliefs, and attitudes even if we ultimately believe someone else is wrong in their convictions.

This is the space where I dive deep into the topics that intrigue me, that interest me, and that impact and influence the way in which we raise and educate our kids. Here are just a few you will find here:

  • unschooling (life learning)

  • self-directed education

  • mindfulness

  • conflict resolution, emotional awareness/resilience, conscious parenting, and, of course, humor.

As far as education is concerned, we know education is more than learning facts and data inside of a classroom setting. Instead, it is a full body experience that involves emotional intelligence, self-preservation, and practical skills that should be customized to fit the unique needs and temperament of each learner.

I am grateful you are here.

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Missy Willis, M.Ed.

Mom of 2, writer, and curator of research and insights on raising and educating children with conscious awareness.